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Final Cut of The Ipanema File

Nov 27, 2014 We have the final cut of our feature film ready, now it's on to the final stages of post-production.

After months, and month of work, and lots of waiting in between, we have now finalized the editing process, and are deeply involved with VFX edits, color grades, music scores, and sound design.

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Iterview with Synergomatique

Nov 14, 2014 Synergomatique interviewed director Daniel Owen van Dommelen on The Ipanema File.

It's a very nice feeling seeing people taking an interest in the film, after the release of the trailer. Here's some serious question and answering going on ;)

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We offer a variety of specialized services geared towards indie filmmakers.



With various productions under our belt, from documentaries to feature films, we can function as a complete filmmaking team, taking on any kind of production, though we only focus on narrative story-telling, and yes that includes music videos.

Post Production
Post Production

Post Production

From online to offline editing, visual effects, color grading, sound design, and original music scores, we have the experience either in-house, or know experts in the field we can connect you with.

Studio (Coming Soon)
Post Production

Studio (Coming Soon)

Fighting Badgers Ltd. is currently aquiring their very first studio space, which will give independent filmmakers the opportunity of affordable green room spaces, sound stages, casting and rehearsal space.

Our Talent

Have a look at the actors that made our latest film, The Ipanema File, come to life. We really hope to be working with them again soon!


The talented people that we work with!



phannatiq is the brainchild of designer Anna Skodbo, a passionate fan and observer of style and self expression, and having been brought up within sustainable living communities, it is with uncontrived conviction that she implements traditional methods with no compromise on modernity.

Federation of the Disco Pimp
Federation of the Disco Pimp

Federation of the Disco Pimp

Providing unstoppable grooves since 2010, Federation of the Disco Pimp are Scotland’s premier exponent of modern funk. Combining elements of Old-School Funk, Disco, Psychedelic and Jazz, this 7-piece band of Scots are legendary for their endless energy and blistering live sets.

Angus Medford Art
Angus Medford Art

Angus Medford Art

Angus is a twenty-something illustrator (who sometimes writes in 3rd person), working from table number twenty (or "his desk")... Please to enjoy!

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John Doe

Daniel Owen van Dommelen

Founding member of Fighting Badgers Ltd. Daniel started this company to realize a dream, which was becoming a feature film director. After writing and directing The Ipanema File, Daniel is now working on his next feature, The Ape Machine.

Executive Producer
Jane Helf

Rosie Morland

Co-Founder of Fighting Badgers Ltd. An incredible producer who gets things done, and then some. Rosie takes the meticulous approach from her science background into filmmaking, and shows us all what being organized truly means.

Joshua Insanus

Jennifer Schofield

Jennifer came on board early during The Ipanema File, and we'll never let her go again. Definitely a person who gets the job done, and she has been a vital part of the success of our first feature film.

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