Fighting Badgers Ltd. is a European film company based in London, founded in 2013 by Daniel Owen van Dommelen. Our mission is to contribute to the European independent film industry, by collaborating with talented individuals, whether they be in London or spread across Europe.

Shortly after releasing our first feature film, Jagoda, work began early 2014 on the second film to join our portfolio, The Ipanema File. After three months of pre-production shooting began on the 14th of April, and has since wrapped principal photography, and the film moved into post-production.


Our productions so far, and teasers of things to come...

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Fighting Badgers aims to be more than the sum of its parts, and our doors are always open to like-minded individuals.

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Here you can find both articles on our experiences of film-making, and reviews of films we think deserve more attention.

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