Fighting Badgers is a European independent film company founded by film enthusiast Daniel Owen van Dommelen. Our mission is to contribute to the European independent film industry, by collaborating with talented individuals, whether they be in London or spread across Europe.

We are a low budget film company but we won't let money stand in the way of producing striking feature length films. "Power to the People" is our motto and we are fighting for the rights of creative, talented individuals who want the opportunity to show Film School is not required to produce beautiful films. We are not a "one man show"; you will not find just one person living their dream, we seek out individuals with a unique approach to film and passion for cinema to collaborate with. We believe in adhering to the regulations of the film industry and ensuring that everyone we work with feels respected and valued

We want governments to really feel the presence of independent film companies and stop undercutting our industry. Are you looking to contribute to European cinema and gain hands-on experience in all aspects of film-making? Or are you more interested in supporting us in our mission to create a new generation of upcoming creative professionals who can confidently make an entry into the film industry? Or do you just like to watch? We hope our positive, no-nonsense attitude and enthusiasm shines through and whatever type of person you are, we welcome you, thank you for noticing us, and hope that you will join us on our adventure in the independent European film industry.


Our productions so far, and teasers of things to come...

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Fighting Badgers aims to be more than the sum of its parts, and our doors are always open to like-minded individuals.

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Here you can find both articles on our experiences of film-making, and reviews of films we think deserve more attention.

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